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Director's Message

    The importance of Institution in the preparation of young Engineers/Technician for work in specialized fields cannot be over emphasized. Demand from industry is more and more for young men who are soundly grounded in their fundamental subjects rather than for those with specialized training there is good reason for this trend the industrial engineer is continually being confronted by new problems which is not always yield to routine methods. The men who can successfully cope up with such problems must have a sound understanding of the fundamental principles that apply and be familiar with various general methods of attach rather than proficient in the use of any one.

    It seems evident them that technical training in such a institution must seek to build a strong illustrate the application of these methods to practical engineering problems, but to avoid routine drill in the manipulation of standardized method of solution. Such are the aims of this institution.

    Study of any branch of engineering is never complete without solving a large number of problems which relate theoretical results to practical applications. No doubt one can fully acquire the skill only through constant practice on the shop floor/workshop/laboratory, but an awareness of the Theory enables him to understand better what he is doing and why he is doing it and this make him more efficient worker on the job. The attention of the trainees/students has been drawn to the theory but from the practical point of view.


    Now-a-day these Technologies play very important role in home, office, automobile railways, factory, workshops, ship, airplane, cinema and what not and where not. There is a great demand of skill, efficient workers in every field. The electrical subject is becoming more electronics oriented. Up-keep and maintenance of Radio-Tape-TV/Electrical appliances and Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning for a raw house holder and it servicing for a mechanic has not been tackled so easily and efficiently in most of organization. The various techniques of solving such problems can only be mastered in carefully joining such organization which is entirely devoted to that work. Although several institutions are available in the market yet many have not fulfilled the requirements of the students.


    Keeping in view all around advancement in Technology of Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Refrigeration & Air Conditioning system it was decided to establish institution for students, trainees and general workers in the field.


        S. Pathak
    Secretary cum Director
    (Pathak Institute of Electronics & Technology )
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