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  • Pathak Institute OF Electronics & Technology in Bihar- Mentioned below is the list of all the ITI in Bihar that offer an Electronic Mechanic course. Find the Industrial Training Institute that offers the best Electronic Mechanic course from this list of Pathak Institute OF Electronics & Technology in Bihar.

    You will find all the details and requirements to become a student in any of these Pathak Institutes. So browse through our list of Pathak Institute OF Electronics & Technology in Bihar that offer an Electronic Mechanic course and build a path to a great career ahead!

    Courses Fee Duration
    Electronics Mechanic 23000/- 2 year
    Electrician 32000/- 2 year
    Fitter 26000/- 2 year
    Mechanic Diesel 15000/- 1 year
    Document required at the time of admission:

    Attested copies of following documents:-

    Exam Schedule :
    In two year course Exam will be held two times (yearly).
    In one year course Exam will be held one time in one year(yearly)
    NIOS Approved Courses:
    Electrical Technician
    ›› Radio & T.V. Technician
    ›› Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
    ›› Plumbing

    Age Limit :
    ›› 14-40 years as on date of start of Admission
    ›› 45 yrs for Ex-Servicemen and war widows
    ›› 40 yrs for widows/separated women

    Minimum Qualification:

    Fitter -  Passed 10th class exam under 10+2 systems of Education or its equivalents.
    Electrician  -  Passed 10th class exam under 10+2 systems with Science as one of the subject or its equivalents.
    ›› Electronic Mechanic -  Passed Matriculation exam under 10+2 system of education with math and science or its equivalents.
    ›› Mechanic Diesel - Passed 10th class exam under 10+2 system of education or its equivalent. (Duration of Training: 01 Years)

    [Note: - Training of this trade will be conducted at its Branch Patliputra Technical Institute, Bihta]

    Courses of Study:
    ›› Trade Theory
    ›› Practical
    ›› Workshop Calculation & Science
    ›› Engineering Drawing
    ›› Employbility skill
    Training Session:
    ›› Training Session Aug to July.

    Month of Examination:
    ›› All India Trade Test is conducted in the month of July every year and Supplementary Exam is conducted in January Every year.

    Eligibility for appearing in Trade Test:
    ›› Trainees of I.T.I/I.T.C who have completed the prescribed period (one year or two years depending on the trade) of training.
    ›› He must complete minimum 80% of total attendance conducted.

    Issue of Provisional Certificate:
    ›› Provisional Certificate containing the marks secured by the trainees would be issued to the trainees only after passing the
    All India Trade Test (AITT).

    ›› Original National Trade Certificate will be issued to pass out Trainees when Institute download it from NCVT Portal .

    All India skill competition:    
    This competition is conducted for some selected trades at two levels i.e.

    At state level: The best trainees in the prescribed trades from each I.T.I/I.T.C are eligible to participate in this competition.On the basis of competition the best trainee amongst the qualified trainees in each prescribed trades are selected at state level  to make them eligible for competing the All India Skill Competition.

    At All India levels: The best trainees in each prescribed trades at the state level competition are eligible to compete in the competition. The best trainee amongst the qualified trainees in each prescribed trades are selected on the basis of this competition at all India level.

    Declaration of the Best trainee at the All India Level Competition:
    The competitor who stands first, after qualifying in the competition will be declared the best trainee (winner) in this trade provided    he scores a minimum of 70% of the maximum marks in the practical Test.

    Award under the scheme:-
    The following awards shall be given under the scheme.

    ›› Merit Certificate to the best trainee in each prescribed trade in each I.T.I/I.T.C.
    ›› Merit Certificate to the best trainee in each trade at the state level competition.
    ›› Merit Certificate and a cash prize of Rs. 6000/- to the best trainee in each trade at the All India Level Competition.

    Pathak Institute of Electronics & Technology is affiliated for
    ›› Electronics Mechanic
    ›› Fitter
    ›› Electrician

    Trades by NCVT vide DGET, ministry of Labour Employment & Training Govt. Of India, Letters No.:

         (a)      DGET  12/1/2000 - T.c.              Dated: 3rd May 2000
         (b)      DGET  12/1/2000 - T.c.              Dated: 27 November 2001
         (c)      DGET  12/1/2000-  T.c.              Dated: 06th May 2002

    Pre-admission Test:
    Candidate with prescribed Education qualification has to clear admission test, to be eligible for admission to particular trade.They will be  selected on merit basis.

    There is no summer / winter holidays

    Trainees must maintain discipline and proper Dress / Uniform during his training period / stay in Institution.

    Syllabus for Trades Theory of following Trades of ITI :-

    Electronics Mechanic
    Know your Institute, Hand Tools, Introduction to Electricity, Resistors, Battery, Electro-Magnetism .Alternating Current, Inductance, Capacitance, RESONANCE, Simple Analog Meters, Semi-Conductor, Diode, Filter Circuits, Transistor, Amplifier, Power Supply, Stereo system, Intercom, Oscillator, Modulation Radio Receivers, Turning Section (R.F. Section) I.F Stage and Detection ,Audio Stage, Fault Finding Record Player & Changer , Achievement, Type Recorder and compact disc, Special semiconductors, Transmitter, Oscilloscope, Television systems, Color T.V., Communication system, D.C. Motors, A.C. Motors, Wave shaping CKT, Timer ,Operational Amplifier, Digital Electronics, Specific Devices.

    General Introduction, Fundamental Units, Basic Electricity, Heading Effects of current, Magnetism and electromagnetism, Faraday’s Laws of Electromagnetic induction, D.C. Generators D.C. Motors and Controls, Electrolysis, Primary and Secondary Cells, Arrangement of cell and Krichhoff’s Laws, Electrical wiring Systems, Alternating current and voltage , poly phase system, Alternator, Transformers, Polyphone Induction Motors, single Phase Motors, Synchronous Motors, Measuring Instruments, Armature Winding,  illumination, Vacuum Tubes, Transistors and Semiconductors , Test Equipments, Integrated Circuits, Earthling and earth Testing, condensers, Conversion of A.C. to D.C. Wiring calculation and estimation, Electrical appliances Supply, Transmission and Distribution, Automobile Electric Circuits

    Introduction to the Trades & Safety Measures, first Aid, Hacksaw, chisel and Hammer, Vice Measurement and System of Units, Measuring Instruments, File and its use ,Scrapers, Drilling and Taping, Reamer, Die,  Drilling Machine, Precision Measuring Instruments(Micrometer) Precision Measuring Instrument( Venire and dial) Gage and jig fixture, Surface finish, wear and Lubrication, Limit, fits and Tolerance : Newel & Is, Grinding wheel and Grinding Machine, Pepping and Honing, Press working, Broach and Broaching, Pipe and Pipe fitting, Lathe and its cutting speed, paper screw thread and gear train, fasteners, bearing, preventive maintenance, power transmission, metallurgy, Heat Treatment, Sheet Metal works, forging, welding.

    Mechanic Diesel
    Induction and Safety Training (1) Awareness of the role of I.T.I. in National building activity. Scope of trade- Mechanic (Diesel). Safety rules and safety precautions to be observed in the shop floor. Awareness on disciplinary rules and communication channel in the shop floor or working area. Allied Trade work- Fitting and Sheet Metal (i)Ability to fire surface and make them flat. Marks and punch. use hacksaw. Drill reamer, tap and dies Make simple sheet Metal joints and solder. Bend pipes, Engine Repair Work. Ability to remove jammed bolts, nuts and prepare maintenance schedule. Start and stop Diesel Engine and observe its Performance. Test compression and Vacuum and analyze the result. Use torque wrenches, remove the cylinder and decarbonizes and refit. Measure bore, piston, ring clearance, value clearance, bearing clearance crank shaft main journal, crank pin journal and filled radius , war page of cylinder head and block, overhaul oil filters, oil  pump, water pump and radiator. Test thermostat values, Fit new shell bearing in main and connecting rod and set bearing.. Re assemble the engine parts star and adjust the idle speed of the engine set timing of fuel injecting pump. Diagnose engine noises of different nature and rectify, Diagnose fault lubrication and cooling system and rectify. Engine erection works- Ability to erect diesel engine on foundation.Fuel injection system works- Ability to repair leaks of diesel, oil & airlock in fuel lines and bleed air from the system . Over haul filter and bleed them. Follow safety precautions while doing the above works. Adjust slow speed and maximum speed in the venture control unit. Test function of pneumatic and mechanical governor. Check and adjust injector on test. Repair of shop floor Equipment:- Ability to repair and maintain equipments and instrument used for repairing diesel engines. Electrical repair works-ability to do simple repair in the ignition charging and starting circuits. Do repair dynamo alternator and other accessories.


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